Presidents’ Letters

From Julie Eckerle, 2019  2020

From Julia Hairston, 2017-18

Term of office changed to two years

From Meredith Ray, 2016
From Julie Campbell, 2015
From Megan Matchinske, 2014
From Jane Couchman, December 2013
From Allyson Poska, December 2012
From Pamela Benson, February 2011
From Anne Cruz, February 2010
From Katherine McIver, February 2009
From Mihoko Suzuki, January 2008
From Susanne Woods, February 2007
From Naomi Yavneh, March 2006
From Diane Wolfthal, January 2005
From Sara Mendelson, January 2004
From Naomi Miller, January 2003
From Margaret Hannay, October 2002
From Margaret Hannay, February 2002