The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and Gender supports and promotes inclusive and creative scholarship on women and gender across the early modern world. We are deeply committed to interdisciplinary, intersectional approaches that are historically sensitive and theoretically exploratory, and to teaching that reflects this scholarship. We welcome as members to our community all university faculty, students, and independent scholars interested in any topic that speaks to the Society’s mission.line-page-divider-clipart-1

NEWS UPDATE from our President Julie Eckerle:
SSEMWG Lifetime Achievement Award!!

I am delighted to announce that the SSEMWG Executive Committee has voted to give our organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Elissa Weaver, Professor Emerita of Italian Literature at the University of Chicago.  Congratulations!!!!!!!

If the world were operating in the usual fashion, we would have honored Professor Weaver at our general business meeting at RSA, and I would have had the opportunity to present her with a pewter cup engraved with the award and year.  You all would have had the opportunity to congratulate her in person.  And we all would have celebrated more at our post-meeting reception.  But of course the world is not operating in the usual fashion right now.

So . . . I will put the cup in the mail to Professor Weaver.  And we will celebrate as a community/organization when we are next able to meet together.

But for now, if you need a distraction from all the negative news and the stresses that accompany it, it seems to me that this is a perfect venue for sharing thoughts and congratulatory comments.

Again, congratulations to Elissa Weaver!!!!


At the end of a two year process, in December 2018, current members voted, and the addition of Gender to our name won by 67.5%! Our new name is thus The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and Gender, and our acronym becomes SSEMWG. EMWG

The executive committee is working on updating the language in our bylaws, logo, and other places. Stay tuned for more updates.

line-page-divider-clipart-1Another change is the transition to holding annual meetings at RSA. We WILL be meeting in St Louis at SCSC this October (see here for details ) and then in April of 2020 we meet at RSA (see here ).  As most of you already know, RSA has been cancelled. Check back for updates on the next meeting.


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Image Credit:
Lucia, Minerva and Europa Anguissola Playing Chess
by Anguissola Sofonisba, 1555   EMWG