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April 2019 – Axes of Uncertainty and Recovering Women’s Voices in Early Modern Miscellanies.

Eric McCarthy for the SSEMWG Blog

I began with what seemed like a straightforward question: which female-authored works were transcribed most often in manuscript miscellanies? It was easy enough to produce a ranked list of the works in the miscellanies we had consulted, but a problem quickly became apparent: the attributions of several of the most frequently transcribed poems are questionable at best and demonstrably false at worst. Continue reading

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November 2018 – ‘She said’: women’s authority, #MeToo and Margaret Cavendish

Joanne Wright for the SSEMW Blog

In 1989, students and staff at Columbia University hung a 170-foot wide banner off the top of Butler Library featuring the names of women writers, from Sappho and Christine de Pizan to Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and Virginia Woolf. As Laura Brown, who designed and made the banner, pointed out, “Great women do not get their names inscribed on buildings.”[1] Continue reading

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