SSEMW-sponsored paper seminar at Shakespeare Association of America, Mar. 28-31, 2018

SSEMW sponsors one paper seminar at the Shakespeare Association of America, and we now solicit your proposals for SAA 2018, to be held in Los Angeles from March 28-31, 2018. Proposals already submitted to SAA, simultaneously submitted to SAA and SSEMW, or only to SSEMW are all welcome. The proposal chosen by SSEMW will be accepted by SAA as well, and will be recognized as the SSEMW seminar in the conference program.

Please submit your proposals to Mary Trull at by Feb. 22, 2017 for consideration as the SSEMW-sponsored seminar. The proposals should follow the form outlined on the SAA website:

A paper seminar at SAA is not a traditional panel; instead, 10-15 participants who sign up for the seminar circulate their essays ahead of the conference and engage in discussion during the two-hour workshop.

Please note that seminar proposals need not be focused on Shakespeare; early modern women’s writing and related topics are also welcome at this conference.

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