Other Voice series 2016 publications

The Other Voice series is happy to announce its first six 2016 publications.

1/ Jeanne D’Albret, Letters from the Queen of Navarre with an Ample Declaration.
Edited and translated by Kathleen M. Llewellyn, Emily E. Thompson, and
Colette H. Winn. 2016. Vol. 43. 978-0-86698-545-1; 116 pp.; softcover $31.95.

2/Bathsua Makin and Mary More with a reply to More by Robert Whitehall,
Educating English Daughters: Late Seventeenth-Century Debates. Edited by
Frances Teague and Margaret J. M. Ezell. Associate Editor Jessica Walker. 2016.
Vol. 44. 978-0-86698-546-8; 201 pp.; softcover $34.95.

3/Anna Stanisławska, Orphan Girl: A Transaction, or an Account of the Entire Life of an Orphan Girl by way of Plaintful Threnodies in the Year 1685. The Aesop Episode. Verse translation, introduction, and commentary by Barry Keane. 2016. Vol. 45. 978-0-86698-547-5; 129 pp.; softcover $31.95.

4/Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi, Letters to Her Sons, 1447–1470. Edited and translated by Judith Bryce. 2016. Vol. 46. 978-0-86698-548-2; 294 pp.; softcover

5/Mother Juana de la Cruz, 1481–1534: Visionary Sermons. Edited by Jessica A.
Boon and Ronald E. Surtz. Introductory material and notes by Jessica A. Boon.
Translated by Ronald E. Surtz and Nora Weinerth. 2016. Vol. 47. 978-0-86698-
549-9; 243 pp.; softcover $39.95.

6/ Claudine-Alexandrine Guérin de Tencin, Memoirs of the Count of Comminge
and The Misfortunes of Love. Edited and translated by Jonathan Walsh. Foreword
by Michel Delon. 2016. Vol. 48. 978-0-86698-554-3; 147 pp.; softcover $31.95.

Individual copies may be purchased online through the ACMRS website, https://acmrs.org/publications/other/other-voice-early-modern-europe-toronto-series, or through Amazon. Orders for courses can be placed with the Chicago Distribution Center: orders@press.uchicago.edu.

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