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New book – Gendered Temporalities in the Early Modern World, edited by Merry Wiesner-Hanks

Is time gendered? This international, interdisciplinary anthology studies the early modern era to analyse how material objects express, shape, complicate, and extend human concepts of time and how people commemorate time differently. It examines conceptual aspects of time, such as the categories women and men use to define it, and the somatic, lived experiences of time ranging between an instant and the course of family life. Drawing on a wide array of textual and material primary sources, this book assesses the ways that gender and other categories of difference affect understandings of time.

The volume includes contributions from Fran Dolan, Sophie Cope, Alisha Rankin, Emily Kuffner, Elizabeth Crachiolo, Elizabeth S. Cohen, Su Fang Ng, Penelope Anderson, Whitney Sperrazza, Holly Barbaccia, Bethany Packard, Jane Wanninger, Grace Coolidge, Lyndan Warner, Michelle Dowd and Allie Terr-Fritsch.

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