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Join the EQUALITY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL 16 May to 15 June – Free and Online

Join us for the Shakespeare Beyond Borders Alliance EQUALITY SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL!

Between 16 May and 15 June the Shakespeare Institute is hosting a free and online Equality Shakespeare Festival which brings together theatre practitioners, film-makers, applied theatre specialists, academics, actors, poets, life-writers, translators, and arts organisations to discuss, celebrate and explore the ways in which Shakespeare can be used to further equality, social justice, inclusivity, diversity and international collaboration.

The Festival begins with a special tribute to the life and legacy of the incomparable Sir Antony Sher, featuring his husband Gregory Doran (Artistic Director Emeritus of the Royal Shakespeare Company), Professor Michael Dobson, Dame Harriet Walter, Amanda Harris, Alexandra Gilbreath, Sir Jonathan Bate, Sir Stanley Wells, Dr Paul Edmondson, Prof. Jyotsna Singh, Prof. Carol Rutter, Prof. Russell Jackson, Prof. Tiffany Stern, and Dr Robert Stagg.

Other fabulous guests across the Festival include: Prof. Tom Shakespeare, Dr Matthieu Chapman, Dr Abigail-Rokison-Woodall, Dr Tracy Irish, Luke Kennard, Sally Bayley, Neal Hall, Phillipa Vincent-Connolly, Beyond the Walls Theatre Company, MAWA Theatre Company (Britain’s first all-black, all-female Shakespeare company), Shakespeare in Yosemite (the EarthShakes Alliance), Three Chairs and a Hat production company (whose ‘Shakespeare (She/Her)’ project is giving a voice to Shakespeare’s women), and many more; plus sessions focusing on Shakespeare in Japan (led by Dr Jessica Chiba), Singapore, Ukraine, South Africa and Latinidad.

Join us to explore themes relating to race, gender, sexuality, disability, class, the environment and cross-cultural cooperation.

Register just once and attend any sessions you wish across the whole Festival. It’s quick, easy and free. Just click on this link (or search for the ‘Equality Shakespeare Festival’ online) for the full schedule and registration:


#ShaxBBA @BordersAlliance

Co-Chairs of the Shakespeare Beyond Borders Alliance:
Professor Michael Dobson, Dr Chris Laoutaris, Dr Rowan Mackenzie

Co-Creators of the EQUALityShakespeare (EQUALS) Initiative:
Dr Chris Laoutaris and Dr Yasmin Arshad

Co-Organisers of the Equality Shakespeare Festival:
Professor Michael Dobson, Dr Chris Laoutaris, Dr Rowan Mackenzie, Dr Yasmin Arshad, Dr Robert Stagg, Dr Jessica Chiba, and Matt Clulee (Event Manager)

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