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IV Art, Power and Gender Conference Women and Portraiture in the Renaissance. Uses, Functions and Ways of Displaying

Dates: 29-30 April 2021
Event type: Online
Organizers: Department of Art History, University of Murcia, Spain
Director: Noelia García Pérez
Coordinators: Melania Soler Moratón and Emma Luisa Cahill Marrón
Registration dates: 1 January 2021 to 22 April 2021
Registration link:
Deadline for papers: 31 March 2021
Paper submission email:

Many uses and functions have been attributed to Renaissance portraiture -sentimental, documental, devotional or legitimatizing- becoming a quintessential genre in this period. These functions were condensed in portrait galleries that, alongside Wunderkammers and studiolos, where the new storage and exhibition spaces developed in this period. The IV Art, Power and Gender Conference will focus on the analysis of the origin and evolution of these galleries, their uses and functions, and their most outstanding examples from a gender perspective. For this reason, Phillip II, Francis I or Ferdinand II will pass the baton off to Margaret of Austria, Mary of Hungary, or Joanna of Austria. These women possessed some of the most significant portrait galleries in sixteenth-century Europe, with which they brought to life distant or deceased relatives and friends, they highlighted their allegiance to their family lineage, and legitimized their position both in court and in royal and noble circles.

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