CFP, RSA 2016: Makers: Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe

Call for Papers
Makers: Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe
Session for the Renaissance Society of America Conference
Boston, 31 March – 2 April 2016

Even as significant contributions have been made to our understanding of women as patrons for and subjects of early modern art, analysis of their roles as “hands-on” makers of the rich variety of visual and material culture that characterized the courts remains challenging. The goal of this session is to encourage sustained consideration of women as artists/makers in the courts of Europe between c. 1350-1700. Topics might include, but are not limited to, considerations of a particular artist/maker or a class of objects; historiographic or institutional challenges to this line of inquiry; the traditional rubric for defining the court “artist” (painter/painting; sculptor/sculpture); or categories of production traditionally marginalized in art historical consideration, such as needlecraft or miniature painting.

By 5 June 2015, please send paper title, abstract (150 word maximum), and a short CV (300 word maximum) to session organizer Tanja L. Jones, University of Alabama ( Please put “RSA 2016” in the subject line of emails.

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