CfP: Queenship and the Rhetoric of Power, Renaissance Society of America, NOLA 2018

CFP: interdisciplinary panel at Renaissance Society of America, New Orleans, 22-24 March 2018

“Queenship and the Rhetoric of Power”

Early modern queens, whether as consorts or rulers in their own right, constituted pivotal and often controversial figures. This panel explores the ritual and rhetoric of power of queenship in early modern Europe, with a focus on the representation of female rule, her self-fashioning and the assessment of ruling women by their contemporaries through a range of musical and literary works and visual and theatrical media. Interdisciplinary papers will focus on the image and representation of queens, and on the cultural and socio-political narratives of queenship through the arts. Possible themes might include: queenship, identity and power; queens as intercessors and patrons; the ritual construction of queenship; royal motherhood; queens in translation.

Please send by June 1, 2017 to :

*Individual paper title, not to exceed 15 words
*A 150-word maximum paper abstract
*A 300-word max 1 page CV in paragraph form
*Keywords (general, not specific)
*AV requirements


Dr. Janie Cole (University of Cape Town, South African College of Music), Discipline Rep for Music at RSA

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