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Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 17.1 (Fall 2022) will feature a forum on “Women’s Soundscapes in the Early Modern World”

Moving beyond attention to early modern women’s “voices,” this forum investigates their participation in soundscapes — the acoustic environment in which they were immersed, to which they responded, and which they shaped. These investigations may focus on architecture and the built environment, art and other visual representations, history (cultural, economic, social, and other approaches), literary and rhetorical studies, musicology, and other disciplines. We are aiming for contributions that address diverse global locales, and we encourage submissions that appeal to readers across disciplinary boundaries. We seek essays that examine but are not limited to the following topics:

Sounds and/or silences in early modern women’s writing and experience
Women’s negotiation of sounds inside and outside home spaces
Women and the sounds of commerce — negotiating, street vending, hawking
Women as patrons, creators, musicians, and/or as auditors of music
Women and public or prohibited speech, including slander and verbal conflict
Women and visual representation of music making and other sounds
The construction/architecture of spaces in relationship to women and sound/silence

Please send abstracts of 600 words to the editors ( by 1 September 2021. Decisions on the abstracts will be sent soon afterward. For the abstracts selected, completed essays of 3500 words will be due on 1 December 2021 and will be sent for peer review. Final acceptance will be based on double blind peer review.

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