Guidelines for Authors

The SSEMWG welcomes pitches for new blog contributions from premodern scholars at all career stages. Blog entries may discuss scholarly research, the current state of the field, or pedagogy; hybrid pieces that combine two or more of these interests are also welcome. Prospective contributors whose work takes an intersectional approach to the study of early modern women and gender are especially encouraged to apply. 

Also, new this year, the SSEMWG blog will publish new book announcements. If you are the author of a recently published or soon-to-be published monograph, share the news and a brief description of the book’s central arguments and interventions here! Editors of scholarly anthologies are also welcome to submit announcements.

What to Include in Your Blog Pitch

  • Abstract (150 words)
  • Brief bio (50-75 words)

** Prospective contributors may choose to submit a complete text for consideration so long as they have not previously been published elsewhere. Full length submissions must meet the style guidelines listed below and should also include an abstract and bio.

What to Include in Your Book Announcement

  • Brief bio (50-75 words)
  • Book title and publication information
  • 1000 word description of the text’s content and contribution to the field 


Style Guide

Blog entries should be 1500-2000 words in length, inclusive of notes. If you are submitting a book announcement, the word limit is 1000 words. Our readership is diverse and consists of expert scholars, generalists, graduate students, and undergraduates alike. Blog entries should be written in clear prose that will be accessible to an educated general audience. Please avoid jargon when possible. 

Italics should be used for foreign words and phrases, followed by a translation in parentheses. Book titles should be given in the original language as well as in translation the first time they are mentioned; thereafter, please use the translation.

All references are to be formatted as endnotes and should be done in Chicago Style. In keeping with the dynamic style of a blog, references should be kept to a minimum, although all direct citations must have a note. Authors are welcome to append a list of suggestions for further reading (5-10 books) at the end of their pieces; “further reading” lists do not count toward the total word count.

Images and Copyright: As a blog, we do not have the resources to attain copyright permissions for images or other visual material. Contributors may include images or video in their work, but it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that they have all necessary permissions for any media included in their submission. 

Review Process: Initial submissions in pitch or full essay form are reviewed by the Blog Editor. At this stage potential contributions may be accepted, accepted pending submission of the full essay, or rejected. The blog editor will copy edit accepted pieces and make any necessary suggestions for revision. Once the editor and author agree on the final document, entries go to the SSEMWG leadership for final approval. Upon completing this process, essays will be published to the blog and announced on our social media platforms and listserv. 

Please email pitches to