The Society seeks nominations for awards for scholarly work on women and gender in the early modern period (ca. 1450-1750) published/completed between June 30, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The deadline for all nominations is June 30th, 2021. The deadline includes receipt of all relevant information as well as all materials. Awards will be announced in the fall of 2021.

Awards Categories:

    • Book Award (scholarly monographs)
    • Essay or Article Award
    • Editions Awards (critical editions of primary sources)
      • For this category, we are seeking nominations for both teaching and scholarly editions. We have three categories for which we may award prizes in a given year. These include: the Josephine Roberts Award for a Scholarly Edition; an award for a teaching edition; and an award for a scholarly edition in translation. Please note: we do not always award prizes for all three of these categories. We ask that all editions nominations be made simply to the umbrella category of “Editions Awards.”
    • Graduate Student Conference Presentation Award
    • Collaborative Project Award (Edited Collections of Essays, etc.)
    • Digital Scholarship, New Media, & Art Award (Web-based projects, exhibitions, concerts, productions of plays, etc.)  Note: Since such projects often do not have a single date of publication, nominations are accepted for projects operating from June 30, 2020 to June 30, 2021.
    • SSEMWG administers the prize for the best article published in each volume of Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal. All articles published in the journal are automatically considered for the prize.

To nominate an entry from June 30, 2020 – June 30, 2021 for an award to be presented in 2021 for the Book Award; Editions Award(s); and Collaborative Project Award please:

  1. Send the contact information and full bibliographical information for each nomination to Elisa Oh by June 30th, 2021
  2. Send three hard copies of the text (to arrive by June 30th, 2021) to:

Elisa Oh
PMB #127
12849 Galveston Ct.
Manassas, VA 20112

  1. Additionally, ensure that three e-book copies of the text OR equivalent PDF copies are available (for review purposes only) by June 30, 2021

>>>Please Note: For this year of inconsistent openings/closures, we continue to require e-books (or equivalent electronic copies) for all book submissions this year.  Thank you!


To nominate an entry for the Essay or Article Award; the Graduate Student Conference Presentation Award; or the Digital Scholarship, New Media, & Art Award from June 30, 2020 – June 30, 2021 for an award to be presented in 2021, please

  1. Email the PDF or URL along with full contact and bibliographical information to the Awards Committee Chair, Elisa Oh at du by June 30, 2021

Please send inquiries to the Awards Committee Chair, Elisa Oh, at


  • Made in 2020 for work published in 2019/20
  • Made in 2019 for work published in 2018
  • Made in 2018 for work published in 2017
  • Made in 2017 for work published in 2016
  • Made in 2016 for work published in 2015
  • Made in 2015 for work published in 2014
  • Made in 2014 for work published in 2013
  • Made in 2013 for work published in 2012
  • Made in 2012 for work published in 2011
  • Made in 2011 for work published in 2010
  • Made in 2010 for work published in 2009
  • Made in 2009, for work published in 2008
  • Made in 2008, for work published in 2007
  • Made in 2007, for work published in 2006
  • Made in 2006, for work published in 2005
  • Made in 2005, for work published in 2004
  • Made in 2004, for work published in 2003
  • Made in 2003, for work published in 2002
  • Made in 2002, for work published in 2001
  • Made in 2001, for work published in 2000
  • Made in 2000, for work published in 1999
  • Made in 1999, for work published in 1998