2015 Annual Meeting

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women: Sponsored Sessions

Vice-President’s Report 2015,   Meredith K. Ray


–           12 sponsored sessions

–           5 graduate Travel Grants-in-Aid


  1. Society for the Study of Early Modern Women: Sponsored Sessions (2015)


-Modern Languages Association, January 8-11, 2015 (1 panel)

Mihiko Suzuki, MLA Liason for SSEMW (msuzuki@miami.edu)

  1. Worldly Women: Cosmopolitanism and Transnational Female Performance in Early Modern Europe

Organizer:  Pamela Allen Brown, University of Connecticut, Stamford; Melinda J. Gough, McMaster University

Speakers: Caroline Bicks, Boston College; Perry J. Gethner, Oklahoma State University.,

Stillwater; Clare McManus, University of Roehampton; Stephen Orgel, Stanford University; Amy Tigner, University of Texas, Arlington


College Art Association, February 12-16, 2015 (1 panel)

Andrea Pearson, CAA Liason for SSEMW (pearson@AMERICAN.EDU)

The Spectatrix in Early Modern Art

Chair: Maria Maurer, University of Tulsa

Speakers: Holly Flora, Tulane University; 
Patricia L. Simons, University of Michigan; Martha M. Peacock, Brigham Young University


-Renaissance Society of America, Berlin, 26-28 March, 2015 (2 panels)

Sara Matthews Grieco, RSA liason for SSEMW (smatth01@syr.edu)

  1. Performing Women: Self, Other and Female Theatricality in Early Modern England

Organizer: Patricia Philippy, Kings College, London

Chair: Cristina Malcolmson, Bates College

Speakers: Jessica Malay, University of Huddersfield; Matthew Birchwood, Kingston University; Patricia Phillippy, Kings College, London

2. The Rise and Fall of the Renaissance Codpiece: Practical Protection, Fashion Statement, Rhetorical Device?

Organizer: Naima Ghermani, University of Grenoble Alpes

Chair: Patricia Simons, University of Michigan

Speakers: Gaylord Brouhot, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne; Victoria Miller, University of Cambridge; Naima Ghermani, University of Grenoble Alpes



-Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies May 30-June 1, 2015 (in conjunction with the Congress of Humanities and the Social Sciences in Ottawa, Ontario) (1 panel)

Margaret Reeves, Canadian Liaison for SSEMW (Margaret.Reeves@ubc.ca)


  1. Pedagogy of Texts

Chair: Dr. Victoria Burke, University of Ottawa

Speakers: Dr. Patricia Demers, University of Alberta; Dr. Margaret Reeves, University of British Columbia Okanagan; Karenza Sutton-Bennett, University of Ottawa; Allison Goff, Queen’s University


-Sixteenth Century Studies, October 22-25, 2015 Vancouver, B.C. (7 panels)

Lynn Westwater, SCSC Liason for SSEMW (lwestwater@gw.edu)


  1. Women’s Work in the Big Economic Stories of the Early Modern Period

Merry Wiesner-Hanks, organizer (merrywh@uwm.edu)

Chair: Merry Wiesner-Hanks, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Speakers: Allison M. Poska, University of Mary Washington, Amy Beth Stanley, Northwestern University, Jeannette M. Fregulia, Carroll College, Myra Wright, Queens College, City University of New York


  1. Stepfamilies in Europe, 1400-1800

Lyndan Warner, organizer (Lyndanwarner@smu.ca)

Chair: Lyndan Warner, St. Mary’s University

Speakers: Alexandra Guerson, New College-University of Toronto and Dana Wessell-Lightfoot, University of Northern British Columbia; Grace E. Coolidge, Grand Valley State University, Cathryn Spence, University of Guelph, Sylvie Perrier, University of Ottawa


  1. Violence, Gender and Popular Culture I

Susan Amussen, organizer (susan.amussen@gmail.com)

Chair, Susan Amussen, University of California, Merced

Speakers: Megan Allen, Washington University in St. Louis, Jessica Murphy, University of Texas, Dallas, Rhea Riegal, University of California, Merced


  1. Violence, Gender and Popular Culture II

Susan Amussen, organizer (susan.amussen@gmail.com)

Chair, Sara Beam, University of Victoria

Speakers: Susan D. Amussen, University of California, Merced, Emily Bergmann, University of California, Berkeley


  1. Friendship in the Writing of Early Modern Women

Kirsten Inglis, organizer

Chair: Jennifer E. Barlow, University of Virginia

Speakers: Rebecca A. Giselbrecht, University of Zurich, Kristen Inglis, University of Calgary, W. Scott Howard, University of Denver


  1. Early Modern Women’s Devotional Writing

Paula McQuade, organizer (PMQUADE@depaul.edu)

Chair: Elizabeth Hodgson, University of British Columbia

Speakers: Victoria E. Burke, University of Ottawa, Paula McQuade, De Paul University, Kate Narveson, Luther College


  1. Piety, Persuasion, and Polemics: Devotional Writing in Early Modern Italy

Organizers: Meredith Ray (mkray@udel.edu), Anne Jacobsen Schutte (ajs5w@virginia.edu) , Lynn Westwater (llww@gwu.edu)
Chair: Michael Sherberg, University of Washington in St. Louis

Speaker: Elissa Weaver, University of Chicago, Anne Jacobsen Schutte, University of Virginia, Meredith K. Ray, University of Delaware and Lynn Westwater, George Washington University, Suzanne Magnanini, University of Colorado, Boulder



  1. Scheduled SSEMW Panels in Upcoming Conferences (2016)


-Modern Languages Association, Austin, January 7-10 2016 (1 panel)

Patricia Phillippy, MLA Liason for SSEMW (P.Phillippy@kingston.ac.uk)


Religious Matters: Women, Worship, and Artifacts

Chair:  Mihoko Suzuki, University of Miami

Speakers: Bernadette Andrea, University of Texas, San Antonio; Amiri Ayanna, Brown University; Rachel Eccleston, University of Oregon; Jessica Malay, University of Huddersfield; Lauren Petrino, University of Miami



-College Art Association, Washington, DC February 3-6, 2016

Andrea Pearson, CAA Liason for SSEMW (pearson@AMERICAN.EDU)


  1. Emotions, Status, and Memory in Italian Renaissance Art

Chair: Andrea Pearson, American University, Washington DC

Speakers: Cynthia Stollhans; Theresa Flanigan; Andreina Contessa,



-Renaissance Society of America, Boston, March 31-April 2 2016 (6 panels)

Sara Matthews Grieco, RSA liason for SSEMW (smatth01@syr.edu)


  1. Women Painters, Portraits and Pearls

Organizers: Consuelo Lollobrigida, University of Arkansas Rome Center and Amparo Serrano de Haro, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia)

Chair: Agnes Guiderdoni, Universitè Catolique de Louvain

Speakers: Immaculada Rodriguez Moya, Universitat Juame I de Castello; Cosuelo Lollogbrigida, University of Arkansas Rome Center; Amparo Serrano de Haro, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia


  1. Dressing and Decorating Male Bodies

Organizer: Patricia Simons (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Chair: Deborah L. Krohn, Bard Graduate Center

Speakers: Timothy D. McCall, Villanova University; Patricia Simons, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Elizabeth Semmelhack, The Balta Shoe Museum


  1. Ladies-in-Waiting in the Early Modern Court I (Female Attendants to English Consorts and Queens)

Organizer: Molly Bourne (Syracuse University in Florence)

Chair: Molly Bourne, Syracuse University in Florence

Speakers: Manuela Santos Silva, Universidad de Lisboa; Jane A. Lawson, Emory University; Helen J. Graham-Matheson, University College London; Catherine Medici, University of Nebraska


  1. Culture and Court : Women’s Career Opportunities and Social Mobility (16th and 17th-century)

Organizers: Riccardo Lattuada (TEFAF Maastricht); Sheila Carol Barker, Medici

Chair: Judith Walker Mann, St. Louis Art Museum

Speakers: Sheila Barker, Medici Archive Project; Ineke Huysman, Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands; Pierroberto Scaramello, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro


  1. Writings by Cloistered Women: Between the Expression of Self and Interpretation of History (1500-1800)

Organizers: Marie-Élisabeth Henneau (Université de Liège, Belgium) & Julie Piront (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Chair: Agnes Guiderdoni, Université Catolique de Louvain

Speaker: Marie-Élisabeth Henneau, Université de Liège, Belgium ; Julie Piront, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Alessia Lirosi, Università di Roma « La Sapienza »


  1. The Verdant Earth: Women, Plants, and Children

Organizer: Shannon Kelley (Fairfield University)

Chair: April Oettinger, Goucher University

Speakers: Leah Knight; Brock University; Rachael King, National Museums of Scotland; Shannon Kelley, Fairfield University