2014 Annual Meeting

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women: Sponsored Sessions

Sixteenth Century Studies, October 16-19, 2014, Crowne Plaza, New Orleans, LA, Julie Campbell, jdcampbell@eiu.edu

1) Founding Mothers Roundtable, Celebrating 20th Anniversary of
Chair: Megan Matchinske, University of North Carolina
Margaret P. Hannay, Siena College, with Sheila ffoliott, George Mason University (emerita) standing in.
Anne P. Shaver, Denison University (emerita)
Susanne Woods, University of Miami
Elizabeth Hageman, University of New Hampshire
Jane Donawerth, University of Maryland
Georgiana Ziegler, Folger Shakespeare Library
Adele Seeff, University of Maryland

2) Literary and Material Afterlives
Organizer: Jessie Labadie, University of Virginia
Chair: Carrie F. Klaus, DePauw University
Margherita Romengo, University of British Columbia & Université
Catholique de Louvain)
Jessie Labadie, University of Virginia
Emily Thompson, Webster University

3) Writing Women’s Lives in Early Modern Iberia
and Beyond
Organizer: Rachel Stapleton, University of Toronto & Faith Harden,
University of Arizona
Chair: Sarah Bogard, University of Virginia
Faith Harden ,University of Arizona
Valeria Del Barco, University of Oregon
Rachel Stapleton, University of Toronto

4) Did Early Modern Women Have a Youth? I:
Girlhoods in Life Writing
Organizer: Elizabeth Cohen, York University
Chair: Susan Amussen, University of California, Merced
Margaret Reeves, University of British Columbia
Julie Eckerle, University of Minnesota, Morris
Barbara Mujica, Georgetown University

5) Natural Philosophy and the Gendered Body
Organizers: Mary Trull, St. Olaf College and
Rebecca Totaro, Florida Gulf Coast University
Chair: Rebecca L. Laroche, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Rebecca Totaro, Florida Gulf Coast University
Louis Schwartz, University of Richmond
Mary Trull, St. Olaf College

6) Did Early Modern Women Have a Youth? II:
Before Marriage, and After
Organizer: Elizabeth Cohen, York University
Chair: Jane Couchman, Glendon College, York University
Jacqueline Holler, University of Northern British Columbia
Elizabeth Cohen, York University
Renee Baernstein, Miami University

7) Revisiting Early Modern Salons
Organizer: Anne Larsen, Hope College
Chair and Comment: Diana Robin, Newberry Library
Julie D. Campbell, Eastern Illinois University
Anne Larsen, Hope College
Catherine Müller, University of Geneva

8) Cultural Identities of Aristocratic and Royal Religious
Women in Spain and the Habsburg Netherlands in the
Seventeenth Century
Organizer: Ping-Yuan Wang, Ohio University Lancaster Campus
Chair: Sheila ffolliott, George Mason University
Comment: Cordula van Wyhe, University of York
Vanessa de Cruz Medina, Villa I Tatti. The Harvard University Center for
Renaissance Studies
Ping-Yuan Wang, Ohio University Lancaster Campus
Sarah Moran, The Swiss National Science Foundation and University of

9) Staging Women’s Solitude in Early
Modern Drama
Organizer: Lara Wagner, Loyola University, Chicago
Chair: Erin L. Ashworth-King, Angelo State University
Emma Atwood, Boston College
Emily Gruber, Boston University
Lara Wagner, Loyola University, Chicago

College Art Association, February 11-14, 2015 Hilton, New York, NY
Andrea Pearson, pearson@american.edu

1) The Spectatrix in Early Modern Art
Organizer and Chair: Maria Maurer, University of Tulsa
Holly Flora , Tulane
Pat Simons, University of Michigan
Martha Peacock, Brigham Young University

International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 14-17, 2014, Western Michigan University
Carole Frick, cfrick@siue.edu
Not yet vetted.

Renaissance Society of America, March 26-28, 2015, Berlin
Sara Matthews-Grieco smatth01@syr.edu

1) Performing Women: Self, Other and Female Theatricality in Early Modern England
Organizer: Patricia Philippy, Kings College, London
Chair: Cristina Malcolmson, Bates College
Jessica Malay, University of Huddersfield
Matthew Birchwood, Kingston University
Patricia Phillippy, Kings College, London
2) The Rise and Fall of the Renaissance Codpiece: Practical Protection, Fashion Statement, Rhetorical Device?
Organizer: Naima Ghermani, University of Grenoble Alpes
Chair: Patricia Simons, University of Michigan
Gaylord Brouhot, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Victoria Miller, University of Cambridge
Naima Ghermani, University of Grenoble Alpes

3) Women’s Words, Women’s Bodies: Female Complaints, Medical Advice, and Life-Death Stories in Sixteenth-Century France
Organizer: Jacqueline Vons, Université de Tours
Chair: Kathleen Wilson-Chevalier, American University of Paris
Caroline zum Kolk, Institut d’études avancées de Paris
Evelyne Berriot-Salvadore, Université de Montpellier 3
Jacqueline Vons, Université de Tours

Modern Language Association, January 8-11, 2014
Mihoko Suzuki, University of Miami, msuzuki@miami.edu

1) Roundtable, Worldly Women: Cosmopolitanism and Transnational Female Performance in Early Modern Europe
Organizer: Pamela Brown, University of Connecticut
Chair: Melinda Gough, McMaster University
Caroline Bicks, Boston College
Perry J. Gethner, Oklahoma State University
Clare McManus, University of Roehampton
Stephen Orgel, Stanford University
Amy Tigner, University of Texas, Arlington

Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies, May 24-26, 2014, Brock University
Margaret Reeves, Margaret.Reeves@ubc.ca
Not yet vetted.

American Historical Association, January 2-5, 2015, New York City.
Amy Froid, froide@umbc.edu

1) Dissenting Daughters: Early Modern Women’s Political
and Civic Engagement
Organizer: Amy Froide, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Chair: Jennifer M. Jones, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
Annalena Müller, University of Basel
Irene Olivares, University of Kansas
Amanda Cathryn Pipkin, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Megan Moran, Montclair State University
Comment: Jennifer M. Jones

South Central Renaissance Conference, March 2015
Deeadline: 15 November 2014—does not have a liaison

New Conferences Proposed for Sponsored Sessions:

Robert Bjork , Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaisance Studies (ACMRS), has invited SSEMW to name a liaison for that annual conference, held each February, and to submit sponsored sessions.

Diana Eidson, Georgia State, has invited SSEMW to name a liaison for the SAMLA annual conference, held in the fall, and to submit sponsored sessions.

SSEMW GRADUATE Travel Grant Award Winners

Jessie R. Labadie, University of Virginia
“The Afterlife of Louise Labé’s Oeuvres”

Rachel Stapleton, University of Toronto
“Fervor and Fever in the Letters of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza”

Emma Atwood, Boston College
“Where is Ophelia? Women’s architectural solitude and the three Hamlets”

Emily Gruber, Boston University
“Close Banquets and Starveling Hunger: Women Alone in The Bloody Banquet”

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