2012 Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of 2012 SSEMW Student travel grants for SCSC

Valerie Schutte (History, Akron) “Glory of Matrons”: The Dedication of Erasmus’s Institution of Christian Matrimony.

Julie Bowman (Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon) Session chair, student rep. on SSEMW Exec.

Colleen E. Kennedy (English, Buffalo) “Love Perfumes All Parts”: the Olfactory Erotics of Robert Herrick’s Poetry (Dissert. on  Olfactory (Self)-Representations of Early Modern English Women

Vanessa McCarthy (History, Toronto) “Licensed Prostitution and Widows in Early Modern Bologna.”

Jennifer E. Barlow (Spanish, Virginia) “Affected Devotion: Feminine Clientage and Female Bodies in the letters of Saint Teresa of Ávila to Doña Luisa de la Cerda.” Chair and organizer, respectively, of the two panels entitled “Female Literacy in the Early Modern World”

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