2010 President’s Letter

Dear Members,

My greetings and best wishes for a very happy and productive year!

The SSEMW has done very well this past year; our membership remained strong and continues to increase, with 346 current members– an all-time high!

Our sessions at the various meetings this past year were very well attended.  Eleven sessions were sponsored by the SSEMW at the AHA, the CAA, the RSA, the SCSC, the ATW, and the MLA, respectively.  This year, the draw of Venice has resulted in a total of sixteen sessions.

More important than the impressive number of sessions, however, is the remarkably interdisciplinary and international nature of the participants, who will be converging from Australia, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Spain, and Tasmania, as well as from all points of the U.S. The significant presence of new members from such groups as the Australian Network for Early European Research (NEER) and the Grupo de Estudios sobre la Mujer de España y Latino America (GEMELA) constitutes a welcome trend that is sure to invigorate the SSEMW transculturally and transnationally.  It is rewarding to see that the initiative begun several years ago to expand the SSEMW beyond North America has taken off so well.

This year, the MLA changed its policy with regard to the number of sessions available to affiliated groups, with the result that the MLA will now accept only one SSEMW-sponsored session, and one other co-sponsored by SSEMW and another affiliated association.  This change should encourage us to solicit papers from across different fields and languages.

Solicitation in numerous disciplines is being carried out as well by the EMW Journal, although no decision has been reached as to whether it will publish in languages other than English. The journal is now bundled as an option with the SSEMW dues: please see the dues letter, which offers several methods of payment.  Because this option to our members will contribute significantly to our support of the journal, I urge you to choose one of the bundled options and to ask your university library to subscribe as well.

After much productive discussion, it was decided that the SSEMW Annual General Membership and Executive Board meetings would continue to meet formally at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, with informal meetings to be held if there is quorum at the RSA annually and the ATW every three years.  In 2010, the Annual meeting will be held in connection with the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, October 14-17 in Montreal, Canada.  Diana Robin, Professor Emerita of Classics, University of New Mexico, and Scholar-in-Residence at the Newberry Library, will address the society at the meeting with a talk entitled “Trafficking in Women Writers: Gender and the International Bok Trade in Early Modern Europe.”  Please check the SCSC website for submission details and deadlines for paper and panel proposals, and please see the website for graduate travel assistant grants available. I look forward to seeing you in Montreal!

Attached you will find the ballot for new officers and committee members along with brief biographies of each candidate.  Please submit your vote by March 1, 2010 to Nancy Gutierrez, EMW Treasurer, via email or by regular mail to the addresses shown on the ballot.


I’d like to thank the candidates for their interest in holding office in the SSEMW.

My welcome to Pamela Benson, English, Rhode Island College.  As Vice President for 2010, she will be in charge of proposals for conference sessions. Please send them to her (pbenson@ric.edu) in order to secure approval as EMW sponsored.

I am grateful to former President Kathryn McIver for her leadership in 2009, and to Treasurer Nancy Gutierrez for keeping our books in good order.  I owe very special thanks to Pat Phillippy, whose advice has been crucial for me as Vice President and now as President, a post I am deeply honored to hold.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

As 2010 takes us in still unknown directions, I wish you all a steady compass!

Mis saludos,