2007 Committees

Officers 2007

President: Susanne Woods
Wheaton College, 26 East Main Street, Norton, MA 02766-2322

Past President: Naomi Yavneh
Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, CPR 107, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620

Vice President: Mihoko Suzuki
Department of English, University of Miami
email: msuzuki@miami.edu

Treasurer: Nancy Gutierrez
College of Arts and Sciences, 9201 University City Boulevard, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223
Telephone: 704-687-3388
Fax: 704-687-3228

Secretary: Jane Couchman
Departement d’etudes francaises, Departement d’etudes
pluridisciplinaires, School of Women’s Studies, Glendon College, York
University, 2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4N 3M6

Web and Listserv Coordinator: Karen Nelson
Center for Renaissance & Baroque Studies, University of Maryland,
0139 Taliaferro Hall, College Park, MD 20742 USA

Committees 2007

Executive Committee | Awards Committee | Nominating Committee

Executive Committee


  • Elizabeth Hageman, English, University of New Hampshire
    email ehageman(at)cisunix.unh.edu
  • Muriel McClendon, History, Univeristy of California Los Angeles


  • Amy Froide, History, University of Maryland Baltimore County
    email: afroide(at)umbc.edu
  • Abby Zanger, History, Tufts University
    email: Abby.Zanger(at)tufts.edu


  • Elizabeth Cohen, Department of History, York University
    email: ecohen(at)yorku.ca
  • Mihoko Suzuki, Department of English, University of Miami
    email: msuzuki(at)miami.edu


  • Mary Ellen Lamb, English, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
    email: marylamb(at)siu.edu

Student Member

  • open

Awards Committee

Chair 2007
Wendy Heller, 214 Woolworth, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544 USA
email: wbheller(at)princeton.edu


  • Linda Austern, Department of Music, Northwestern University
    email: l-austern(at)northwestern.edu
  • Elizabeth Lehfeldt, Department of History, Cleveland State University
    email: e.lehfeldt(at)csuohio.edu
  • Sara Matthews-Grieco, Departments of History and Women’s & Gender Studies, Syracuse University in Florence
    email: sfmatthe@syr.fi.it


  • Susan Dinan, Department of History, William Patterson University
    email: DINANS(at)wpunj.edu
  • Alison Levy, Department of Art History, Wheaton College
  • Karen Nelson, Center for Renaissance & Baroque Studies, University of Maryland
    email: knelson(at)umd.edu
  • Alison Weber, Department of Spanish, University of Virginia
    email: apw(at)cms.mail.virginia.edu


  • Wendy Heller, Department of Music, Princeton University
    email: wbheller(at)princeton.edu
  • Natasha Korda, Department of English and Women’s Studies, Wesleyan University
    email: nkorda(at)wesleyan.edu
  • Katherine McIver, Department of Art History, University of Alabama at Birmingham
    email: mciver(at)uab.edu

Nominating Committee

Chair 2007
Pamela Benson, Department of English, Rhode Island College
email: pbenson(at)ric.edu


  • Claire S. Schen, Department of History, State University of New York–Buffalo
    email: cschen(at)buffalo.edu
  • Sharon Seelig, Humanities, Smith College
    email: sseelig(at)email.smith.edu


  • Megan Matchinske, Department of English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Lisa Vollendorf, Department of Spanish, California State University, Long Beach


  • Pamela Benson, Department of English, Rhode Island College
    email: pbenson(at)ric.edu
  • Retha Warnicke, Department of History, Arizona State University
    email: retha.warnicke(at)asu.edu

Previous Officers and Committees

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