1998 Committees

Officers 1998
•President: Sheila ffolliott, Art History, George Mason University
•Vice President: Elaine Beilin, English, Framingham State College
•Treasurer: Anne J. Cruz, Spanish, University of Illinois at Chicago
•Secretary: Mary Ellen Lamb, English, Southern Illinois University
•Newsletter Editor: Margaret Mikesell, Department of English, John Jay College CUNY

Committees 1998

•Nominating Committee:

◦Susan Frye, English, University of Wyoming
◦Sara Hanley, History, University of Iowa
◦Margo Hendricks,Literature, University of California Santa Cruz

•Executive Committee:

◦Jodi Bilinkoff (1995-1998) History, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
◦Claire Farago (1995-1998) Art History, University of Colorado
◦Carla Freccero (1998-2000), French, University of California Santa Cruz
◦Carole Levin (1996-1999) History, SUNY New Paltz
◦Erika Olbricht, graduate student in English, Unviersity of New Hampshire
◦Hilda Smith (1996-1999) History, University of Cincinnati
◦Diane Wolfthal, Art History, Arizona State University

•Awards Committee:

◦Lena Cowen Orlin, Chair. (1994-1997) English, University of Maryland Baltimore County
◦Linda Austern (1996-1999) Music, Fellow, Folger Shakespeare Library.
◦Sheila Cavanagh (1995-1998) English, Emory University
◦Stanley Chojnacki (1998-2000) History, University of North Carolina
◦Nancy Gutierrez (1998-2000) English & Women’s Studies, Arizona State
◦Elaine Kruse (1994-1997) History, Nebraska Wesleyan University
◦Sara Mendelson (1995-1998) History, McMaster University
◦Sara Jayne Steen (1996-1999) English, Montana State University

Previous Officers and Committees

1997 | 1995/6 | 1994/5

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